Iranian President Hassan Rouhani signed bilateral agreements with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin Tuesday during his first visit to Moscow.

The two leaders affirmed their commitment to peace in Syria, where they have both backed president Bashar al-Assad, as well as introducing new economic cooperation mostly in energy and industry.

In televised comments following the meeting, Putin said that trade between the two countries has increased by 70 percent.

“This is truly a good result considering that it was achieved in unstable global conditions and amid persistent volatility on the commodity and currency markets,” he said.

A joint statement following the meeting included a renewed commitment to peace in Syria, calling cooperation between the two countries and Turkey in facilitating negotiations between the two warring sides in Syria “an important step on the road to the success of the Geneva negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations”.

Though Moscow and Tehran both support Assad, their views on Turkey and its involvement in the conflict have differed. Though Moscow envisions Ankara as a part of the solution to the Syrian conflict, Tehran has been more wary – particularly after Moscow and Ankara left Tehran out of a truce they brokered in December.

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