The German chancellor and the U.S. president will meet Friday in the White House.

Angela Merkel and Donald Trump were scheduled to meet earlier this week, but a snowstorm on the U.S. East Coast prompted the two world leaders to delay their meeting.

This will be the first in-person meeting between the two heads of state since Trump’s unexpected win in November’s presidential election.

Before the election, Trump said Merkel’s acceptance of refugees was a “catastrophic mistake” and he accused her of “ruining Germany.”

Trump has also called on NATO nations to pay more for their defense needs.

Merkel, who wields significant sway in Europe, has been critical of Trump’s refugee and immigration travel bans, which have been blocked by U.S. courts.

Political analysts say, however, Trump will likely seek advice from Merkel in the Oval Office meeting on how best to deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Merkel has dealt with the controversial Russian leader extensively, while Trump has praised him, much to the consternation of Republican and Democratic lawmakers in the U.S.

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