A look at what some states have done or are considering doing about immigration enforcement and so-called sanctuary cities:


States Considering Pro-Sanctuary Status


— California: Democrats in the state Senate passed a bill in April that would provide statewide sanctuary for immigrants by restricting local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. The measure marks their first formal effort to resist Trump’s immigration policies. It would need the backing of the Democratic-led state Assembly and the Democratic governor to become law.


— Illinois: State lawmakers are considering the “TRUST Act,” which would, among other things, bar cooperation between local or state police and federal immigration authorities unless there’s a criminal warrant. It also would speed up procedures to benefit immigrants who cooperate with investigations. The Democratic-led state Senate approved it last month, but the Democratic-led state House hasn’t voted on it yet. The Republican governor hasn’t taken a public position on the bill.


— Vermont: Republican Gov. Phil Scott said this year that his state will not work with federal authorities to carry out border security and immigration enforcement orders. He also said he would ask the Legislature to pass laws that would prohibit local officials from carrying out such actions.


States That Have Passed or Are Considering Anti-Sanctuary Laws


— Texas: Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday signed into law a bill that will punish local governments that don’t cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Once it takes effect in September, it also will allow the state to withhold funding from cities that don’t detain immigrants who are in the country illegally. Police chiefs and sheriffs could face jail for not complying.


— Georgia: Republican Gov. Nathan Daniel in April signed a law that strips state funding for scholarships and research from private colleges that don’t cooperate with federal immigration authorities.


— Indiana: The Republican-controlled state government, which had already banned sanctuary cities, recently passed a bill banning sanctuary college campuses.


— Louisiana: A bill to penalize sanctuary cities with court fines and loss of state funding is advancing in the Republican-led state House, with a debate scheduled for Tuesday. The GOP-controlled state Senate hasn’t voted yet, it killed a similar measure last year. The governor is a Democrat.


— Mississippi: Republican Gov. Phil Bryant in March signed a law banning sanctuary cities and other policies that might help people who have entered the country illegally. Cities, state agencies and public colleges cannot prevent employees from asking someone’s immigration status. Public agencies also cannot help people entering the country without permission, such as by issuing an ID card.

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