U.S. Vice President Mike Pence visited the southeastern U.S. state of Florida on Saturday to try to drum up support for the Republican health care plan meant to replace the Affordable Care Act signed into law by former President Barack Obama.

Pence also met with Governor Rick Scott in Jacksonville, where he spoke about the Republicans’ health care bill. Although many members of his party have expressed their concern about the plan, which could reach the floor of the House of Representatives during the coming week, Pence was upbeat.

The vice president said the administration’s American Health Care Act, which has not yet been published in full, would change the way in which Americans people buy health insurance, to “the way you buy life insurance, the way you buy cars.”

Despite widespread reports to the contrary, Pence said the plan endorsed by President Donald Trump would lower costs by increasing consumers’ choices and “create a dynamic marketplace.”

He urged dozens of supporters gathered to hear his speech to “stand up and speak out.”  

“Tell your neighbors and tell your friends. Stop people outside the drugstore and just let them know” about the changes planned for U.S. health care, Pence said, adding, “I strongly support the president’s vision for this country.”

He also promoted the administration’s health care plan heavily on Twitter, sending out more than 20 messages from his official account, @VP, with messages such as: “Freedom, personal responsibility and state flexibility – that’s what works, and that’s what our plan will do. #VPinFL”

Pence was due to remain overnight Saturday in south Florida, where Trump was spending the weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort and vacation home.

The vice president is scheduled to attend a worship service Sunday morning, then fly back to Washington aboard his own plane. Trump will return to the U.S. capital later Sunday aboard the presidential jet, Air Force One.

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